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High insulation, anti leakage

Good insulation performance, can withstand high voltage without being breakdown, effectively avoid the risk of leakage, electric shock.


Flame retardant, safe protection

The pipe is automatic go off when out of the fire (30 seconds away from the flame), which prevent the spread of the fire along the pipeline, its non thermal performance can also effectively protect the line safety.


Compressive strength, good toughness

It can bear strong pressure from the external, can be installed or concealed in the concrete, it is not easy to be deformed; In the low temperature (-5 above) conditions, using the spring to bend it, it is not easy to brittle fracture.


Corrosion resistance, anti damage

With excellent corrosion resistance, and does not contain plasticizers, which prevent the pest hinging damaging the line.


Product advantage

> PVC-U flame retardant electrical casing is good on heat resistance: in the concrete pouring process, conduit can withstand normal impacting tamping without rupture, and And under the action of concrete setting, Will not be soft deformation.  


> PVC-U flame retardant electrical casing is good on flame retardant: with a higher oxygen index value, so the pipe is not easy to burn, and out of the fire it will be automatic go off, so the flame will not spread along the pipeline.  


> PVC-U fire-retardant electrician casing is good on corrosion, pest control: PVC conduit is with good acid and alkali resistance, will not rust, and does not contain plasticizers, no bad odor attracting the rats and insects, so it has no pests.  


> PVC-U flame retardant electrical casing is good on insulation: Under water immersion 2000V, AC50HZ it will not be breakdown, the insulation performance is good, it can effectively prevent accidental leakage, electric shock accident.  


> PVC-U flame retardant electrical is good on construction: it is convenient to cut off the pipe, the spring can be arbitrarily bent to the desired angle in normal temperature, PVC adhesive can be easily connected to the conduit into the needed shape.



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